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West Performs Roguishly With Muslims

hydrochloric acidFor a ten 12 months old boy they were amusing anti-heroes. The clothes that they wore appeared like costumes and their options had been weird. They had been recognized as the Pink Indians, and we boys received to find out about them by means of good outdated Western movies. They featured in a lot of our childhood games, and although boys loved to imitate their clamorous conflict cries, most of us most well-liked to be the brave distinct cowboy, who cleared the land and defeated the Red Indians.

As a boy I couldn’t relate to the Pink Indians. They appeared ancient and shortly grew to become an abandoned reminiscence as I grew up. It took me sometime to realise that the Pink Indians, as I knew them, were greater than a group of people belonging to a selected time and place; they have been a symbolic reference to the folks current on the improper aspect of time. After which I discovered them once more. This time in real life, in all places, throughout, even once i looked at myself I saw one, one of many Pink Indians of the 21st century. You may disagree with that, but earlier than you do, take a look on the similarities. The West wanted the Red Indians’ land, so that they had been targeted. The West wants Muslims’ sources, so they are targeting Muslims.

For example, most of us did not have the time and brains to marvel why the civilised, democratic Western forces bombarded Iraq. And most of us have no idea something in regards to the Bechtel Group of San Francisco, California, with almost three billion greenback contracts in Iraq which included the rehabilitation of Iraq’s water and sewer techniques. After the American attack on Iraq, individuals skilled massive outbreaks of different diseases due to drinking contaminated water. Neither do we know much about Halliburton having 18 billion dollar reconstruction contracts in Iraq, nor about Chevron Texaco with a contract to market Iraqi oil.

Brave white Christian men and women managed to build a affluent new world on the sufferings of Purple Indian males, women and youngsters. They are doing it once more. And they can do it successfully. Most Muslim international locations are being ruled by people not representative of the masses. It’s due to the truth that not a single Muslim nation has a real democratic system. It’s proclaimed that true democracy is the foundational step in direction of growth and success, but we nonetheless do not need to take that step. It is perhaps both we do not wish to develop or we’re nonetheless lacking true leaders who would come up and lead us without any private pursuits.

Whereas watching Western flicks, you might have noticed how the brave cowboys are shown capturing on the Pink Indians as if it is pure enjoyable. “It’s enjoyable to shoot some people,” Lt-Gen James Mattis, a senior US Marine Corps general who led troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, made this comment at a convention on February 1, 2005, in San Diego. Normal Michael Hagee, commander of the US Marine Corps, praised Common Mattis as “one of the country’s bravest and most experienced navy leaders.” We need to see that America feels like a champion of human rights, however they are being led by leaders like Lt-Gen James Mattis for whom killing humans is not a big deal.

In line with the current reparations coverage, the cost supplied in instances in which US forces own up to killing Iraqi civilians, is reportedly value as much as $ 2,500 in condolence payments for a dead Iraqi civilian, while the insurance coverage payout to beneficiaries of an American soldier who dies is $ four hundred,000. One Red Indian life cannot equal one white Christian life.

The first Gulf battle was maybe the first main war telecast live on Tv. Throughout both Gulf wars, audiences the world wti crude oil trading over watched the skies illuminated with streaks of lightning attributable to heavy bombing by US forces. It seemed like a video recreation being performed on the Tv display screen. Hundreds of Iraqi men, girls and kids were killed or crippled by the bombing, which on Television screens and colour photographs in newspapers appeared extra fascinating than horrifying. Each day tidy wanting Pentagon officials gave an account of the sorties in a neat and proper setting.

Now compare this with the protesting Muslims. The Western media would notably show photographs of masked males and veiled ladies carrying guns. They would look so uncooked and barbaric despite the fact that their protests and guns aren’t any match for the extremely hi-tech and immensely devastating arsenal of Western powers. At this stage our media ought to elevate its voice and let folks know the precise and hidden facts however alas! Our media is at all times gagged on the subject of revealing the unrevealed truths.

Jack Straw, former British Overseas Secretary, feels uncomfortable with hijab and Tony Blair says Straw is completely smart in addressing the topic. Has anyone ever heard of any of those men feeling uncomfortable with scantily clad ladies Of course not! It’s a lady’s private and non-public affair easy methods to gown up, besides when she is a Muslim.

In 2002 around 2,000 Muslims were butchered in a nicely organised massacre sponsored by the BJP government in Gujarat, supported by BJP’s central authorities in New Delhi. Regardless of proof of the BJP government’s involvement in the large-scale slaughter of innocent unarmed Muslim men, women and children, India was by no means accused of wti crude oil trading supporting terrorism, nor was the BJP labelled a terrorist organisation. India remained a detailed ally of the US, nearer than the submissive enlightened authorities of Pakistan.

Christoffer Zieler’s cartoons on Jesus have been turned down by Jens Kaiser, the previous editor of Jyllands-Posten as too offensive, but the identical newspaper proudly printed cartoons on the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in September 2005, followed gleefully by newspapers in Norway, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

According to a report, some US lawmakers have demanded entry to Dr A. Q. Khan on the pretext that his solutions are required to unearth Western entities concerned in his network, many of whom are nonetheless to be arrested. Why don’t they seek inspection of Israeli and Indian services using know-how stolen from the West to make weapons, yet financial and navy help continues Dr A. Q. Khan has not brought about the demise of a single individual, American or otherwise, whereas President Bush has taken one million. He attacked Iraq after talking lies; if he had not accomplished so, practically a million Iraqis wouldn’t have died. Bush is liable for extra deaths than anybody else so he should be handed over to Muslims for trial concerning deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. After that, we will consider letting the Individuals interview Dr Khan.

The double standards of the West have dawned upon everybody and the hypocritical perspective in the direction of Muslims has been uncovered. It’s time for our leaders to affix hands, construct up their courage to take action towards it. In contrast to the Red Indians, we have to take a stand and defeat white males on their very own created chessboard as a result of we don’t wish to be a part of a deserted history.

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