Windshield Installation Procedure

Seeking to repair your windshield? You’ll be able to do this at home when you have the talents and time but its recommended for most those that they take the vehicle to a shop to have this work done as its easy to make a mistake and have to start yet again or ruin the glass you put into your vehicle. In order for you to do that job by yourself listed here are the main steps you must perform to install your new windshield.

If you would like to do that job by yourself here are the principle steps you have to perform to put in your new windshield.

Get a Replacement
Ensure you get a new windshield that matches the one on your vehicle. You can obtain these from a wreckers yard for a low cost. Be certain that the windshield doesnt have any cracks or chips in it as this will defeat the purpose of installing a new windshield. Be sure you protect the windshield as you get it home with blankets and other shock absorbers to prevent damage.

Removing the Old Windshield
Take off the wipers and the rear mirror and anything thats attached to the glass on the old windshield. After you have done this youll wish to tape off the vents so no broken glass can get inside if the windshield is shattered. It’s best to do this anyways in case the old windshield breaks while you’re taking it out.
Check the rubber surrounding the windshield and take this off if its cracked or feels hard as it is going to need to be changed. It’ll come off by putting a knife into the rubber and then slicing across the edges. If the rubber is sweet you need to use a stick and work it through he rubber to the edges which is able to break the seal so you need to use the rubber later on.

Taking Out the Glass
Push on the glass from the inside of the vehicle but do that slowly and dont force anything. You should have someone on the opposite side to catch the glass as it comes off the vehicle. If the gasket on the old windshield can be used again you may place this on the brand new windshield you’ve or simply buy a brand new one. If the gasket is new let it warm up a bit before you place it on the windshield. The heavier side should run along the inner side of your glass.

Clean the Window Frame
Ensure the window frame and dashboard are freed from dirt and debris before you place in the brand new windshield. Use a cord and some petroleum jelly and cost the outer groove in the jelly. Run the cord along the groove and have the ends of the cord stick out about two feet from the lower center of the gasket.

Install the Glass
From the outside of the car place the glass into the frame and tuck the cords ends into the interior. Go contained in the car and pull the ends of the cord slowly out of the gasket to get the inner lip of the gasket in place. Have someone push on the rubber to maintain it in place. Clean off the jelly from the outside of the window and reinstall the wipes together with the mirror.

It is a basic installation there will be more to installing your windshield. Always check with professionals before you install your type of windshield to ensure the job is finished right.

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