The Amazing Benefits Of Using Petroleum Jelly For Treating Scars

Petroleum jelly was first discovered in its raw form, some 200 years ago. However, it became a popular ointment only a century ago. It was first launched as an ointment for skin injuries, under the brand name ‘Vaseline’ in Brooklyn, New York. Ever since, it has been widely used to cure all sorts of skin problems. Pure petroleum jelly, which contains no chemicals or perfumes is taken into account as the perfect moisturizer even for sensitive skin.

Petroleum jelly, also called petrolatum is a flammable, semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons. It has a melting point of about 37°C. Its appearance is pale yellow and translucent. In its purest form, it doesn’t have any taste or smell. It is hydrophobic (water repellent) and in addition insoluble in water. Petroleum jelly is commonly mistaken for glycerol attributable to their similar texture. However, glycerol shouldn’t be a hydrocarbon, but an alcohol. Nonetheless, both have tremendous healing properties.

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