Stop Your Dog From Licking And Chewing His Paws

A typical problem of all dog owners is their dogs licking their paws. Why do some dogs lick or chew their paws? There are several reasons so let’s list them first and see what’s your dog’s reason. Paw licking and chewing is a serious condition that needs to be stopped or prevented and not allowed to persist. Such behavior can become a habit even after the dog has been treated for the condition. In the event you allow it to become a habit, then you’ll have a harder time breaking this bad habit.

Reasons for your dog licking his paw include:

Physical Injury to the Paw – cuts, sprains, strains, bruises

To identify a physical injury, check your dog’s paws carefully for any cuts, embedded objected between the toes/pads, redness between the toes/pads, swelling or sores. If the paw that the dog is licking is much warmer than the opposite paws or exhibits redness or swelling, most often this means there is an infection that may be treated with different antiseptic and antibacterial solutions. If it’s a bacterial infection, don’t use any creams. Creams will only trap the bacteria inside and prevent air to get through to the infected area to dry and heal it causing even more discomfort. Sometimes a broken nail or a nail that is just too long and is pushing back against the paw can cause a variety of discomfort. Make sure that you regularly trim your dog’s nails.

Allergic Reaction

The symptoms of an allergy include redness, itchiness, and swelling of the paws. Have you changed your dog’s food recently or his diet? If you probably did and your dog started to lick or chew his paws, he might be allergic to the brand new food. Change your dog’s diet until the allergic reactions disappear. Other allergens could possibly be insect bites, like bites from ticks, mites, flies and mosquitoes. Your dog could even be allergic to pollen (inhaled allergy or canine atopy) and certain forms of grass which could be confirmed if your dog licks his paws or chews them every time he goes outside and plays within the grass. Your dog may also be allergic to the soap you might be using to clean his toys, bowls or your carpets. The shampoo you utilize when giving him a bath could also be an allergen. Try to make use of only shampoos or soaps which can be approved for dogs. Check also the fertilizer that you utilize for your grass. Be sure that it has a label stating that it’s safe for pets. Even then, you should not let your dog play within the grass right after you applied the fertilizer and watered your lawn. Allow not less than 24 hours before you let the dog play in the grass. When treating allergies, some dogs respond well to antihistamines reminiscent of Benadryl, other allergy medication and medicated shampoos. Before using any medications comparable to Benadryl, please consult with your veterinarian first.

Cracked, Dry and Itchy Winter Paws

When your dog goes outside for a walk and his paws get in touch with the wet snow, ice and chemicals resembling deicers and road salt, it can cause irritation to the paw pads. Road salt is understood to dry the paw pads leading to cracking and infections. This may be prevented by having the dog wear boots, but as everyone knows, how many dogs need to wear boots? One way to solve the problem is to use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to the paw pads and between the toes before going for a walk and this can keep his paws moisturized and protected from irritants like salt and deicers. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly can be used when your dog’s paw pads are dry and cracked. Remember to scrub and thoroughly dry your dog’s feet after coming from a walk to wash off the salt and dirt and prevent bacteria from developing. However, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is not going to protect your dog’s paws from frostbite. To forestall frostbite, only take the dog for a walk when it’s warmer outside or limit the period of time the dog spends outside. You could possibly also try to place boots on the dog’s feet to forestall frostbite.

Fungal Infection

In case your dog licks his paws constantly, this may result in a fungal infection which can be treated with an anti-fungal solution. The reason is that constant moisture and wetness of the paws encourages fungal growth, especially between the toes. Proper grooming such because the trimming of the hair between the toes can prevent moisture from collecting and increase the airflow between the toes keeping the paws dry.

Stress and Boredom

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When dogs are stressed, they’ll chew or lick their paws to relax themselves. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety or any type of anxiety, you need to use behavioral therapy to unravel this problem. Also, when dogs are bored, they may resort to chewing their own paws just to release that excess energy and frustration that’s built inside them. That is why it is essential to walk your dog regularly and supply plenty of exercise and mind stimulation.

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