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by Hunt Black With petrol prices getting ever higher, are there any alternative fuel types for ATVs? Yes there are. ATVs generally run on standard unleaded fuel. Some ATVs, similar to kids quads and sports quads, run on a mixture of unleaded and two stroke oil. However, for the high mileage user concerned about the price of fuel, there are currently two alternatives ? diesel and LPG. There is a limited range of diesel ATVs on the market, but these are able to run on standard red diesel.

Question 8: Where can I find information on alternative fuel refueling facilities? Answer: AFDC Refueling Sites: A searchable database of refueling stations within the U.S. maintained by DOE’s Alternative Fuels Data Center. Maps and station details are available. Counts of alternative Fuel Stations: Table of different fuel station counts by State and fuel type, from DOE’s Alternative Fuels Data Center. California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition Station Locator: Lists and maps of natural gas fueling stations in CA, NV and The MSRC generally has several programs to help pay for the higher cost of different fuel vehicles. Prior to now, the MSRC has provided co-funding to pay for the higher incremental cost of fresh fuel transit buses, light- and heavy-duty vehicles, in addition to fueling infrastructure. Please contact the MSRC for more information on these programs, or go to the proposal process page for information on the present Work Program.Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a mixture of propane and butane.

Question 12: How do I convert alternative fuel consumption to gasoline-equivalent gallons (g-e-g’s)? Answer: To compute fuel consumption by way of g-e-g’s, divide the heating value of the choice fuel (Btu per native unit of fuel) by the heating value of gasoline. Then, multiply this result by the alternative fuel consumption value. For instance, to transform 100 gallons of ethanol to g-e-g’s, multiply 0.661 (i.e., 76000/115000) by 100. EIA uses adjusted lower heating values to develop the conversion factors utilized in Table 10.Econoburnwood boilers are only available direct from our factory. You may contact us directly through our website, call toll free or contact us via mail.

Where can I get my vehicle converted ? here at EnviroGas we convert vehicles large and small.our own trained technicians, in compliance with the regulations governing Autogas conversions perform all conversion work.

What are a number of the common acronyms used on hybrids and other alternative fuel vehicles? HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) Used combination of conventional gasoline engine and high voltage electric battery. Currently the most widely used hybrid vehicles. TLEV (Transitional Low Emission Vehicles) This is the least stringent emissions standard in California. TLEVs are phased out as of 2004. LEV (Low Emission Vehicles) All new cars sold in California starting in 2004 could have at least a LEV or better emissions rating.Econoburnwood boilers are only available direct from our factory.

Are there alternative heating system purchase incentive programs I may be eligible for? Buying an Econoburnwood boiler may make you or what you are promoting eligible for certain state/federal tax rebates, or purchase incentive programs. medium salt distillation column You possibly can check along with your local state/federal tax and energy departments for more information.Alternative fuels are substantially nonpetroleum and yield energy security and environmental benefits. DOE currently recognizes the following as alternative fuels: The cities of Nashville and Knoxville have been designated “Clean Citiesunder this federal program by the Department of Energy. For more information on the federal Clean Cities Program, go to the following website.

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