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I’ve noticed in recent times an alarming trend to needing ever increasing power in the engines we use in our lives. Even the entry level econo box car is now coming out with horsepower ratings well over 100. Lawnmowers at the moment are available that have more horsepower than the primary car I owned. I’ve even seen relatively small power boats with twin 250 horsepower motors on the back. My wife drives an automobile that cranks out 265 horsepower! And it is considered a small car.

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So what is driving the marketplace to demand this need for more power? It seems an odd paradox on this time of worldwide warming and oil production apparently at its peak and set to only decline as time goes on. Consumers here in North America look like oblivious to these concerns or are at the least confident in technology being able to beat these hurdles and save us from ourselves and our bad choices. I certainly hope that turns out to be the case. If not then we could end up in a sorry state with little oil and a world that’s several degrees warmer than it’s today.

I can not imagine that oil is going to stay trading at levels below $100 a barrel for very for much longer. As the economy recovers, and it’ll, the demands for oil particularly from the emerging economies of China and India will likely drive the price higher than ever before. If it were possible to significantly increase the supply then prices would have an opportunity to rationalize to the demand but that isn’t the case. If we’ve got actually reached the point of peak oil production as is widely accepted then the demand will quickly begin to outpace the provision which can only end in oil prices rocketing skyward.

This inevitable price increase will effect us all in many ways not just when we fill up our cars with gasoline. Oil is imported for therefore many more reasons than just transportation. Petroleum is utilized in plastics, fertilizers, drugs, detergents, asphalt, synthetic rubber, paint, pesticides and other applications too numerous to list. The cost of producing this stuff and the resulting price to the consumer can only go up and most likely to the purpose where our economy as we all know it will likely be unsustainable. Consumers will have no other choice but to cut back on their purchasing. Our economies will go into recession almost definitely for a really very long time. “Peak Oil factors indicate that there will be no economic recovery following the economic collapse of 2009 and that the recession will deteriorate into a permanent economic depression that can worsen over time.” Clifford J. Wirth, Ph.D. Sobering words or maybe ones that make you need to go get a stiff drink.

So is there anything that we can do as consumers to assist avert this dire scenario? Obviously we do not all have the financial resources to trade in our gas guzzler for a more eco-friendly hybrid vehicle. And cutting out on plastic shopping bags seems only a tad lame on its own. Maybe we just must take a deep breath and realize that the world as we all know it is changing and we just aren’t going to have oil around forever. We survived before our need for oil and we’ll just have to determine how to outlive when it’s all used up.

I bet there goes to be some great deals on used Hummers in the near future.

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