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Texas contains ten schools that provide petroleum engineering programs. Texas Tech University, the very best-ranking petroleum engineering school in TX, has a total student population of 30,049 and is the 150th highest ranked school in America.

Of the 10 petroleum engineering schools in Texas, only 3 have a student population over 10k. After making an allowance for tuition, living expenses, and financial aid, Texas Tech University comes out as essentially the most expensive ($10,763/yr), with Kilgore College as the lowest recorded at only $2,728/yr.

Petroleum Engineering students from Texas schools who go on to become petroleum engineers, engineers, etc. have a very good chance at finding employment. For example, there are 25,540 people working as petroleum engineers alone in the US, and their average annual salary is $119,960.

Also, throughout the petroleum engineering schools in Texas, the common student population is 3,703 and average student-to-faculty ratio is 18 to 1. Except for petroleum engineering, there are 11086 total degree (or certificate) programs in the state, with 2,493 people on average applying for a faculty. Undergraduate tuition costs are normally around $3,572, but can vary widely depending on the kind of school.

Petroleum Engineering Programs in Texas

Program ID: 164560
Petroleum Engineering
Levels offered: Bachelors, Masters, PhD

Program ID: 163743
Petroleum Engineering
Levels offered: Bachelors, Masters

Program ID: 178244
Petroleum Engineering
Levels offered: Masters

Program ID: 88255
Petroleum Engineering
Levels offered: Associates

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