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Energy Producing Plant With An Integrated Coal Gasification Plant

The invention pertains to a power generating station with an integrated coal gasification plant, with an air separation plant, a coal gasifier and a heat exchanger and a gasoline mud removing set up connected to the coal gasifier, in addition to with a gas turbine and steam power producing plant part connected to the heat exchanger and fuel mud removal set up.

British Provisional Patent No. 20 75 124 discloses a power producing station by which a fuel turbine is equipped with synthesis gas containing carbon monoxide and hydrogen from a coal gasification plant. The gas turbine drives an electric generator. The recent exhaust gases of the gasoline turbine are utilized in this energy generating station for generating steam. A steam turbine and a further electric generator are pushed with the steam. Part of the synthesis fuel is fed in this energy generating station to a methanol synthesis plant. The methanol produced is saved and burned for equalizing load peaks, along with the mixed gas. This energy producing plant permits elevated manufacturing of methanol throughout times of low load and sale of the methanol so produced as a chemical uncooked materials to the extent it isn’t wanted for equalizing peak loads. Other than the truth that if load peaks are equalized regularly, solely a small a part of the methanol produced is freely accessible, the manufacturing prices for the methanol will not be substantially below these of corresponding production methods which are impartial of the ability station. Abstract OF THE INVENTION

An object of the current invention is to improve the effectivity of such a energy producing station and to provide in the process chemical raw materials at low value.

Different options that are thought of as characteristic for the invention are set forth within the appended claims.

Though the invention is illustrated and described herein as embodied in a energy producing plant with an built-in coal gasification plant, it is nevertheless not supposed to be limited to the main points proven, since various modifications may be made therein without departing from the spirit of the invention and throughout the scope and vary of equivalents of the claims. Brief DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING

The invention, however, together with additional objects and benefits thereof might be finest understood from the following description when read in reference to the accompanying drawing which diagrammatically illustrates a energy producing station with an integrated coal gasification plant and an ammonia synthesis plant by which not only is heat extracted from the raw gas from the coal gasifier and utilized to generate steam which is used in the steam turbine of the steam energy producing plant however a substantial portion of the uncooked gas after remedy is transformed to ammonia in an ammonia synthesis plant. The exhaust gas or residual gas from the ammonia synthesis plant along with the exhaust gases from the remedy of the uncooked gasoline, in addition to part of the uncooked gasoline, is shipped to the combustion chamber of the gas turbine. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION

In a power generating station of the kind mentioned at the outset, an ammonia synthesis plant is connected, in accordance with the invention, to the coal gasification plant with the interposition of a fuel purification plant and a gasoline separation plant. Part of the exhaust gasoline produced within the ammonia synthesis might be fed as a so-known as purge gas along with the gases separated in the fuel purification plant and the gas separation plant and a part of the dust-free uncooked gasoline of the coal gasifier to the combustion chamber of the gas turbine power producing plant part. Thus, the separate era of process steam and electric power in a standard energy producing station and in a chemical plant are avoided and the coal gasifier could also be operated in an economical range even throughout instances of low load. Finally, the chemical and thermal energies of the residual gases from the various reaction phases are utilized in the fuel turbine in a thermo-dynamically advantageous method.

Further details of the invention will probably be explained with the help of an embodiment example shown in the drawing.

The schematic presentation in the drawing makes it clear that the facility producing station consists of a gas turbine power producing plant half 1, a steam power producing station part 2 and an set up 3 for producing chemical uncooked supplies. The installation three for the manufacturing of chemical raw materials comprises a coal gasification plant four which incorporates an air separation plant 5 for the separation of air into oxygen and nitrogen, a heat exchanger set up 7 related to the coal gasifier 6 for the extraction of heat from raw gas from the gasifier and utilization of the heat to generate steam and a gas mud collector eight for the elimination of dust particles from the uncooked fuel. A part of the plant for producing chemical raw materials are a converting plant 9, a gasoline purification plant 10 and a gasoline separation plant 11, to which a plant 12 for the ammonia synthesis is related. The latter comprises a gasoline compressor thirteen, an ammonia synthesis reactor 14, an ammonia cooler and gasoline separator 15 as well as a recirculating line sixteen for returning unreacted synthesis exhaust gases to reactor 14 via compressor 17.

In the gasoline turbine power generating station part 1 is shown a fuel turbine 18, which drives a compressor 19 and a generator 20. The gas turbine 18 precedes a combustion chamber 21 which is equipped, through a combustion fuel line 22, from the plant four for producing chemical uncooked materials with combustible gas and with air from the compressor 19. In the embodiment example, the gasoline fuel line 22 is connected, by way of a gasoline scrubber 23 to take away impurities, to the raw fuel line 24 connecting the coal gasifier four to the converting plant 9, as well as to the nitrogen line leading to the separated nitrogen within the air separation plant 5.

A waste heat boiler 26 is related to the exhaust gasoline line 25 of the fuel turbine 18. The steam line 27 of the waste heat boiler is related to the steam turbine 28 of the steam energy generating plant half three. Within the embodiment instance, the steam turbine consists of a excessive-stress half 29 and a low-strain part 30. It is coupled to a generator 31. The low pressure a part of the steam turbine 28 is followed by a condenser 32 which condenses the exhaust steam from low-pressure part 30, a condensate pump 33, a feedwater tank petroleum equipment baltimore 78 34 for accumulating the condensate and varied feedwater pumps 35, 36, for steering feedwater to a desired point in the plant.

Coal and oxygen from the preceding air separation plant is fed to the coal gasifier 6. In addition, course of steam is fed into the coal gasifier. The coal is gasified via the oxygen and the method steam to kind uncooked gasoline containing substantial amounts of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. This uncooked gasoline is cooled in the heat exchanger set up 7 which is related to the coal gasifier 6. The heat extracted from the raw fuel in the petroleum equipment baltimore 78 heat exchangers is used for producing steam. Thereafter, the raw gasoline is freed of suspended mud particles within the gas mud collecting plant 8 by the use of water. In the process, the raw fuel is saturated with water vapor. The uncooked gas thus purified is carried out, depending on the mode of operation of the ability station, to different components to the combustion chamber 21 of the gas turbine 18 and to the further processing levels inside the plant three for manufacturing chemical uncooked supplies. The gasification of coal to type uncooked gasoline containing substantial amounts of carbon monoxide and oxygen is understood within the artwork.

The raw gasoline from plant four for producing chemical uncooked supplies, is performed to a changing plant 9. There, the carbon monoxide contained within the uncooked gasoline is reacted with water to form hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide and the hydrogen sulfide in the resultant fuel are eliminated in the next gasoline purification plant 10 in accordance with technically recognized methods. The thus purified gas which comprises principally hydrogen and, relying on the diploma of conversion in changing plant 7, comprises carbon monoxide to a larger or lesser diploma, is purified in the gasoline separation plant eleven by eradicating all different gases with the exception of hydrogen and, at the identical time, the hydrogen is enriched with nitrogen from the air separation plant 5. The ratio of hydrogen to nitrogen is about three:1 at the output of the fuel separation plant 11. This synthesis fuel is fed to the plant 12 for the ammonia synthesis. The synthesis of ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen is thought within the art. There, the synthesis fuel is first compressed by a gasoline compressor thirteen to the method stress after which fed into the ammonia synthesis reactor 14. The ammonia-containing gases which go away the ammonia synthesis reactor and are usually not transformed fully, are cooled in a following gas separator 15. Ammonia is condensed and collects in the bottom of vessel 15 from which it’s discharged. The exhaust gases above the liquid condensate in vessel 15 are returned by compressor 17 to the ammonia synthesis reactor 14 through the recirculating line sixteen. To forestall “build-up” of the reaction gases, part of the recirculated exhaust gases are eliminated, i.e. purged. This purge gasoline having non-reactable gas parts are fed into the fuel gasoline line 22 and together with raw gas are burned in the combustion chamber 21 of the fuel turbine 18. The residual begin gases of the gasoline separation plant 11 and the gas purification plant 10 are also fed into the fuel gasoline line and burned along with the uncooked gasoline. The recent exhaust gases of the gasoline turbine 18 are carried out by way of the waste heat boiler 26 and there give off the foremost part of its heat. Stay steam is generated in the waste heat boiler from the water provided by the feedwater pump 35. This steam, along with the steam equipped in the heat exchanger set up 7, is fed to the steam turbine 28. The process steam, which is required for the operation of the coal gasifier and for numerous response levels, is taken from the strain phases of the steam turbine 28. The steam exhausted in low stress half 30 of the steam turbine 28 is condensed in the condenser 32 and the condensate pumped as feedwater by the condensate pump 33 to the feedwater tank 34. If coal with a excessive sulfur content is used, it is advisable to build the gasoline scrubber plant 23 into the fuel gasoline line 22 leading from the gas mud gathering plant 8 to the combustion chamber 21 of the gas turbine, in order that the exhaust gases of the fuel turbine are under the permissible emission values for sulfur. For this goal, a simple plant wherein the hydrogen sulfide is washed out with a suitable solvent is sufficient.

Within the case of coal with a excessive sulfur content, it can also be advantageous to feed the cooled-down uncooked gasoline leaving the dust separator 8, partially bypassing the conversion plant 9 forward of the gasoline purification plant 10 and the gasoline separation plant 11. This results in substantially more carbon monoxide and less hydrogen being produced from the gasoline separation plant eleven. Thus, extra sulfur-free carbon monoxide containing fuel can be fed to the combustion chamber 21. In trade, much less synthesis fuel is out there for the plant 12 for the synthesis of petroleum equipment baltimore 78 ammonia. In this regard, it’s famous that the expense for conversion of carbon monoxide to hydrogen is decreased and this conversion may even be omitted completely. As a consequence of the partial or total bypassing of conversion plant 9, there outcomes additionally a smaller loss of combustible gases. Lastly, the expenditure for the removing of CO2 and fuel separation (gasoline separation plant 11) turns into smaller. These gases are fed with the exhaust fuel of the ammonia synthesis to the combustion chamber 21 of the gas turbine 18 and their vitality content therefore does not get lost. The nitrogen oxide emission in the exhaust fuel of the gasoline turbine may be lowered by admixing nitrogen from the air separation plant 5 to the gasoline gas within the fuel gasoline line resulting in the combustion chamber of the fuel turbine.

The foregoing is a description corresponding, in substance, to German software No. P 33 20 228.1, dated June three, 1983, worldwide priority of which is being claimed for the moment software, and which is hereby made a part of this software. Any materials discrepancies between the foregoing specification and the specification of the aforementioned corresponding German utility are to be resolved in favor of the latter.