Oil Refinery Workers Face Dangerous Conditions, Deadly Explosions

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These scenarios which must be viewed in person and can’t be photocopied or photographed due to what the EPA describes as security concerns are decidedly grim. The one for the Tesoro refinery in Anacortes is less daunting than most: The refinery’s remote location on March’s Point, in Fidalgo Bay, implies that only 33 members of the general public could be in harm’s way within the event of a vapor-cloud explosion, the company estimates. Contrast this with, say, an all-out release of hydrofluoric acid from the PBF Energy refinery in Paulsboro, New Jersey, just south of Philadelphia, which, PBF calculates, would put 3.2 million people liable to injury or death. Or a discharge of the identical chemical, often known as HF, from the Marathon Petroleum Corporation refinery in Texas City, near Houston, which would threaten 670,000.

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