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Chemical Composition Of Petroleum

Petroleum or crude oil is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons and other chemicals. The composition varies widely depending on where and the way the petroleum was formed. The truth is, a chemical analysis can be utilized to fingerprint the supply of the petroleum. However, uncooked petroleum oil and gas production software or crude oil has characteristic properties and composition.

Hydrocarbons in Crude Oil
There are four most important forms of hydrocarbons present in crude oil.

1. paraffins (15-60%)
naphthenes (30-60%)
aromatics (three-30%)
2. asphaltics (remainder)
The hydrocarbons primarily are alkanes, cycloalkanes, and aromatic oil and gas production software hydrocarbons.

Elemental Composition of Petroleum
Although there is appreciable variation between the ratios of organic molecules, the elemental composition of petroleum is nicely-outlined:

    Carbon – 83 to 87%
    Hydrogen – 10 to 14%
    Nitrogen – zero.1 to 2%
    Oxygen – zero.05 to 1.5%
    Sulfur – zero.05 to 6.Zero%
    Metals – < 0.1%

The most common metals are iron, nickel, copper, and vanadium.
Petroleum Colour and Viscosity

The color and viscosity of petroleum vary markedly from one place to another. Most petroleum is dark brown or blackish in color, however it additionally occurs in green, pink, or yellow.

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