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Coatings CEO Warns In opposition to Energy Complacency Arising From The Fracking Increase
Reno, Nevada, June three, 2014 Castagra Merchandise CEO, Peter Roosen, is warning in opposition to any growing complacency now that the oil and gas floodgates have opened within the US.

Acetylene Equipment“The fracking trade is having a staggering, constructive effect in bringing vitality independence to the US, however, I worry, it could lead to a unfavorable affect occidental petroleum dividend yield rate on the necessity for Sustainability measures to be continued throughout society as a whole.

“In our business eco premium, environmentally sustainable coatings are being sought out and are creating large markets to the purpose where, currently, they signify as much as 25% gross sales for at the least one international coatings company,” continued Roosen.

“It can be occidental petroleum dividend yield rate a year occidental petroleum dividend yield rate or two before the advantages of the flood of tight oil and gas totally reaches the mainstream stage of public consciousness. At this point, I fear that the positive results on sustainability insurance policies which took decades to be instituted on the scale they’re in the present day, could also be weakened by a rising complacency.

“Sustainability policies are simply the very best for the long term viability of the global setting as we comprehend it right now. Even China is getting on board. The consequences of opening two coal fired energy stations a week had a disastrous impact on air high quality there.”

Roosen mentioned that the oil coming out of the Bakken shale oil play has shown where initial enthusiasm has been tempered by severe environmental and security considerations that have arisen afterwards due to the corrosive effects the oil has on railcar tanks.

“Our plasticized gypsum coatings are highly sustainable. Ecodur comprises vegetable oil and gypsum and any waste from the manufacturing cycle could be recycled. Ecodur is proving extremely sturdy towards lots of the corrosive contents in production water and the oil and fuel being extracted from shale,” pointed out Roosen.

“Fracked oil and gas provides might be with us for many years to come back. It’s a generational scenario that is spreading globally. Never before has the necessity for dedication to sustainability been better than it is now.”

Castagra is an oil and gas and wastewater industries protecting coatings firm headquartered in Reno, Nevada, that has products that defeat some of the harshest environments that the natural and unnatural world can throw at steel and concrete, notably in the fracking industry. The coatings are produced in Fort Price and Houston, Texas.

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