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Petroleum Refining Economics

The cost of crude oil is approximately 70-80% of the price of working refineries. Understanding crude new energy congress oil reserves and traits is therefore essential. – World-large crude supply
– Future production tendencies

– Product demand trends – Gasoline
– Distillate
– Gasoline oil

methanol can

– Gasoline
– Distillate
– Gasoline oil

– Refining centers
– Import/export parity
– Crude oil composition
– Typical elemental breakdown
– Hydrocarbon varieties

– API gravity
– Sulfur content material
– Distillation vary
– Different essential properties
Day 2

Refinery process know-how
This is an outline of course of technology, with a focus on heavy oil conversion options. The range of refinery process expertise will likely be mentioned. This session is divided into the next sections: – Conversion Processes – Hydrocracking
– Fluid catalytic cracking
– Delayed coking
– Fluid new energy congress coking
– Visbreaking
– Solvent deasphalting
– Resid hydrocracking

– Hydrotreating
– Catalytic reforming
– Isomerization
– Alkylation
– Acid gasoline elimination
– Sulfur restoration
– Hydrogen manufacturing
– Benzene Discount
– Utilities and offsites
– Product blending

The technology is described together with a dialogue of the impact of refining technology on economics.

Day 3
Different associated expertise
Various refineries around the world produce petrochemicals along with transportation fuels. The expertise concerned in producing these merchandise are mentioned. air group An overview of biofuels is also presented.
– Petrochemicals – Aromatics
– Olefins

– Ethanol
– Biodiesel
– Refinery sorts – Topping
– Hydroskimming
– Cracking
– Coking

– Gross
– Variable
– Net
– Incremental
– Linear programming
– Crude oil assays
– Refinery modeling
– Planning functions – Crude oil evaluation
– Manufacturing planning
– Product blending
– Shutdown planning
– Configuration studies
– Technology evaluation

Refinery undertaking economics
An instance case examine for a new refinery venture is introduced. This includes the next matters.

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