Natural Skin Care Treatment

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With increasing exposure of consequences in using chemicals in skin care products, many people are actually choosing natural skin care remedies. Natural remedies do not contain harsh and potentially harmful chemicals, but instead use natural botanical and extracts to replenish, nourish, and repair skin surface for a naturally beautiful look.

Dry skin

Those with dry skin often worry a few flaky/ashy look and early onset of crow’s feet. Before lathering on those expensive creams, take a more in-depth look at the product ingredients. Look for natural skin care products containing vegetable oils comparable to olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil or peanut oil. While the good quaint petroleum jelly is a reasonable moisturizer, long run use may lead to clogged pores. Pores on the skin are designed to release toxins from the body. If they’re clogged for extended periods of time and restricted from secreting toxins, people may find yourself with certain disorders comparable to acne, even drier skin, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and far more. Remember petroleum jelly and related chemicals are for external use only while internal consumption may lead to quite a lot of unwanted effects. Many countries have banned using such ingredients in cosmetics, but certain nations or manufacturers should sneak them into lipsticks, baby lotions and other moisturizers.

Oily skin

For those who’re constantly blotting their forehead to do away with its shine, they understand the frustration of having oily skin. Oily skin may trigger unpleasant acne outbreaks when combined with hormonal changes and high humidity. The excellent news is that over time, those with oily skin are inclined to have fewer wrinkles than those with dry skin. The important thing to looking great with oily skin is to maintain your face clean (wash no less than twice a day), stay with water-based moisturizers, include aloe vera in the beauty regime to clear pores, and avoid touching with hands as fingers may deliver extra oil and dirt to the face.


Call them laugh line or crow’s feet, but wrinkles are wrinkles are wrinkles. The most effective remedy is actually prevention. Make it a habit to always wear sunscreen on the face, even all around the body for prolonged sun exposure or if susceptible to skin cancer. Habits favoring skin care include wearing sunglasses to avoid squinting and sleeping on the back to prevent facial wrinkles over time. To combat visible lines, instead of buying expensive name brand serums or creams, reach for less costly vitamin C cream to stimulate collagen rebuilding. Along with fighting wrinkles, vitamin C can also be an excellent antioxidant to scale back sun spots, minimize scar appearance, and brightens your skin tone. Many night creams and serums contain vitamin C as it is broken down by sunlight.

Turkey Neck

To avoid getting a gobbler with age, apply the identical skin regiment on the neck as on the face. Skin on the neck wrinkles easily, but is usually over looked in skin care.

There is a natural skin care remedy for almost every skin type and being a natural beauty doesn’t should cost a fortune. Research and experiment with different botanicals for glowing results.

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