Ears: The Petroleum constitution produces a peculiar vertigo which comes on under regular circumstances, when on ship-board, or riding in a carriage, or on the ears.

It suits occipital headache from riding on the ears, or from such motions, with nausea like seasickness. Seasickness is a trouble we cannot always meet, yet most people, when constitutionally treated, will be directed into a greater state, in order that they won’t be troubled under ordinary conditions, similar to riding on the cars or in a carriage.

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To a terrific extent the above condition is because of a lack of accommodation, a visible trouble; coming on, for instance, from focusing the eyes on the waves as they retreat from the rear end of the ship, or on passing objects, the patient being relieved while in a dark state-room. Occipital headache, with the vertigo above mentioned, and an all gone hungry feeling or pain in the stomach, driving him to eat, might be mitigated by Petroleum.

The most typical form of seasickness I’ve found to be the following:

Awful deathly nausea pallor, cold body, profuse sweat and exhaustion, ameliorated by fanning, by the open air, by closing the eyes, by quiet and darkness, and aggravated by warmth. Tabacum is mostly the remedy of such cases.

In Petroleum there is far disturbance of vision, however the catarrhal the eyes is striking. Vesicular formations, ulcerations, inflammation, redness and copious discharge; granular lids, thickening mucous membranes, cracks within the lids, fissures within the corners eyes with great itching.

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