Lagos The Business Dominated City

Lagos with its unique name is the most important city of Nigeria. It has an interesting division because it consists of many islands and a mainland. All these islands are connected to the mainland through bridges. Town planning is completed very efficiently as might be seen in the road connection of all the islands with the mainland making the mainland quickly accessible to all of the small islands. The mainland has museums, airports, universities and basically all of the important buildings of town. That again tells us how well planned the town is. Lagos Island is the hub of all the business activities. Sky scrapers and tall buildings having the commercial centers are its main features. Interestingly, all these buildings are in the Central Business District planned especially for commercial needs. On the opposite side of Lagos Island, residential areas are located with active nightlife in the city. Restaurants, hotels, parks, clubs and plenty of other recreational places are also part of this side of the island. Then the opposite big island namely Victoria Island houses the headquarters of various companies and sport clubs.

Many shopping zones are also part of this island. So all in all, it is sort of impressive how town has been properly planned and divided among islands so efficiently. The city planning thus avoided a haphazard allocation of land and is correctly managed by city officials by way of planning. The Port of Lagos has been a way of development in Nigeria. This Port has become one in every of the key ports on the continent. The port has contributed in export and imports and made a reference to the whole world in trade and commerce. Nigeria exports crude oil through this port. Crude oil has become one among the key exports of Nigeria in recent times. Oil and Petroleum can also be major exports providing a major chuck of foreign exchange to the country. Little question Port of Lagos has made an enormous difference in the advancement of Nigeria. Lagos is stepping forward to become a world village and is attracting a number of tourists in the recent years.

The brand new innovations and development of the Eko Atlantic city has attracted tourists in a huge number. Basically, town is a business dominated city with a quick pace life. Somewhat it resembles to Dubai for the fast track commercial life and tourist attraction due to high buildings and the artificial city. Lagos will not be only the business hub of Nigeria. It has also many major educational institutes in its dwellings. Education is deemed very important in this city and up to the nine years, education is compulsory and free for all. Secondary schools, high schools, colleges, training institutes and vocational institutes are in an excellent number. Technology based universities and marine focused educational institutes have taken part within the high paced development of town. Lagos is very famous for its film industry and music industry. Film industry owes to the beautiful sites in town but its dying as western movies are more popular in most cinemas.

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