Is Mineral Make-Up Good For The Environment And The Skin?

methanol installationMany cosmetic and skin care product manufacturers are on the green bandwagon. Natural skin care products, formerly only a priority of environmentalists or people with extremely sensitive skin, are now offered by several companies. Certainly one of the best advances in natural skin care is mineral make-up. However, although it’s good in your skin and the environment, not all are as natural as their makers would have you believe.

Mineral make-up is made with materials straight from Mother Nature- plants and, well, rocks. However, when choosing a brand, you need to be careful the products do not also include mineral oil, other petroleum products, and dyes.

Acceptable additives include quite a lot of natural dyes similar to carmine (made from beetles), Prussian blue (ferric ferrocyanide), lake pigment, and titanium dioxide, which also acts as a sunscreen. Mica is okay, too, as long because it is not made with FD&C colorants.

Some mineral make-up also contains vitamins A, C, and E – all are antioxidants and beneficial no matter what type of skin care product you are using – and vitamin K, which may also help lighten dark circles under the eyes. Pure pearl powder, another common ingredient, also fights free radicals.

You also may find something called ‘natural pearl essence.’ That is made from fish scales and provides the skin a delicate sheen. Pure pearl powder also adds to the sheen.

Cucumber and green tea extract, common ingredients in many natural skin care products, are both great for the skin. The green tea is high in antioxidants, and cucumber acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps tighten the skin.

In case you decide to switch to mineral make-up, do some online research first and do your best to search out products that do not contain harmful chemicals. However, to verify you are truly protected you should also use a shielding lotion. A great shielding lotion bonds with the outer layer of the skin to form a protective layer that keeps out chemicals. It goes on smoothly, leaving no greasy residue, so your mineral make-up will not persist with it like it might with other products.

Going green with mineral make-up and other natural skin care treatment is a healthy choice for both your skin and the environment. Give it a try, but do not forget the shielding lotion!

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