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Handbook Of Petroleum Processing

Universal hydraulic pressThis valuable reference targets research chemists and engineers who’ve chosen a career within the complex and essential petroleum industry, as well as other professionals just entering the industry who seek a comprehensives and accessible resource on petroleum processing. The handbook describes and discusses the key components and processes that make up the petroleum refining industry. Beginning with the fundamentals of crude oils and their nature, it continues with the commercial products derived from refining and with related issues concerning their environmental impact.

At its core is a complete overview of the processes that make up a modern refinery, plus a short history of the development of processes. Also described intimately are design techniques, operations, and, within the case of catalytic units, the chemistry of the reaction routes. These discussions are supported by calculation procedures and examples, which enable readers to make use of today’s simulation-software packages.

The handbook also covers off-sites and utilities, in addition to environmental and safety how does an oil refinery work aspects relevant to the how does an oil refinery work industry. The chapter on refinery planning covers both operational planning and the decision making procedures for new or revamped processes. Major equipment used within the industry is reviewed along how does an oil refinery work with details and examples of the method specifications for each.