Examples Of Renewable Energy Development In Indonesia

200,000 tons of methanol installationWe know we know, the world’s dependency on energy sources which can be derived from petroleum have reached an alarming stage. This has resulted in increased energy prices, dwindling energy resources availability while increasing greenhouse gas emissions are generated in order that affect environmental conditions. Therefore energy efficiency steps required to use alternative energy sources.

Alternative energy sources are useful for creating a price more affordable sources of energy, prevent the occurrence of climate change drastically while leveraging othersources of infinite ketersediannya. One in every of them is by utilizing renewable energy sources.Here are some examples of renewable sources of energy that may be used in Indonesiaas an alternate to the usage of petroleum.

1. heat of the Sun. This energy source has been widely utilized primarily by Europeancountries as a form of energy efficiency of petroleum. One technology that uses solar thermal photovoltaic solar energy which is converted into electrical energy to satisfy the needs of a country. Some solar power plant (PLTS) has now been established inIndonesia including Bali and NTT.

2. the wind. The movement of the wind may be harnessed to produce electrical energyor kinetic. It’s just the situation that is needed to utilize renewable energy on this one is very limited because it requires some special conditions including a minimumwind speed and certainty of the wind moving in a relentless condition. Wind power plant (PLTBayu) in Indonesia among others in Bantul, Yogyakarta.

3. Biomass. The principle ingredients of this renewable energy source is originated frombiological material from living organisms or have not been long dead. For instance,might be derived from organic wastes, fuel or wood alcohol. One of the Biomass power plant in Indonesia in Indonesia by utilizing a COB of corn. This source can beconnected with the solar power plant, but unfortunately resources electricity generated is usually constrained by the limited intensity of sunlight.

4. Geothermal or geothermal. Use energy efficiently can point man on energy usefrom the heat stored in the Earth. Unfortunately, its utility was limited only in environments which are around plate tectonics.

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