Ecuador Business Revealed

Doing business with Ecuador can definitely be an option for companies trying to expand to new markets as this country has a wealth of natural resources, number of agricultural resources and a blooming tourism industry thanks partly to the Galapagos islands. It is also very well located because the entry to South America. In this text, you will learn more about Ecuador business.

Ceramic rasher ringEcuador is located in Latin America sharing borders with Peru and Colombia. It is considered because the fourth smallest country in South America. Town of Quito is the capital. Spanish is the official language although sometimes English is spoken within the business community. The currency is the US dollar.

Ecuador business’s main industries are petroleum, textiles, chemicals, wood and food processing. It is also known for important exports of banana and flowers. Its main export partners include the United States, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Russia. Its main import countries are the United States, china, Brazil, Colombia and Japan.

The Manabi tax free zone can also be an important aspect of Ecuador business. This is an important trading area within the country. This zone was created with the intention to spice up trade within the region and promote better cooperation with its neighbors. This zone also encouraged foreign investment which in turn created new jobs. The Manabi free zone is located in Eloy Alfaro which is near the city of Manta and is privately run by a company named Zoframa SA which can be in charge of its development.

So as to start Ecuador business, you’ll be able to contact embassies and consulates to get more industry specific information. To search for Ecuadorian products and firms, register to B2B marketplaces. For best results, try to seek out portals that focuses on Latin America.

Ecuador business opportunities are present for international companies trying to expand their global distribution channels.

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