Easy methods to Lighten Dark Lips From Smoking

chloro-toluene tower 72 metersDarkened lips can result from months and years of smoking. Nicotine and tar transfer to the lips through inhalation of the cigarette smoke, causing discoloration and constricting blood vessels in the skin. Build-up and the limited blood flow will turn your lips from their once rosy hue to a darkened, sometimes black version. There are remedies to fade and return lips to a natural state without harming them further and destroying the encompassing skin.

Step 1
Mix the lime juice, glycerin and honey in a small bowl. Apply the mixture to your lips once daily for several weeks, in accordance with the Daily Glows website. This mixture lightens dark lips by its natural bleaching action. Citric acid found in limes bleaches discolored skin, while glycerin and honey keep the lips smooth and protected.

Step 2
Apply lemon juice to your lips, in line with cosmetic scientists for Skin Whitening.org, twice daily until dark lips are normal color once again. Lemons are a natural bleaching agent that help regulate melanin within the skin and distributes any excess melanin production that may pool on one area.

Step 3
Apply lip balm or petroleum jelly to maintain lips moisturized. This treatment could also be applied several time a day to offer optimum moisturization. Moist skin is healthier and fewer susceptible to lingering discoloration, especially on the lips. Also, applying sunscreen-based lip products helps by limiting sun exposure that can worsen dark lips and allowing the lips to heal on their very own.

Step 4
Rub almond milk or almond oil into the lips a few times daily to help fade darkened lip skin. Allow almond milk or oil to remain in your lips for an hour, then gently wipe off with a clean cloth. Almond oil and milk provide moisture to the lips while fading dark areas through additional melanin breakdown.

1 lime

1 tbsp. honey

1 tsp. glycerin

Lemon juice

Lip balm or petroleum jelly

Almond milk or almond oil
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