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How Authentic Crude Oil Sellers Can Find Prepared Buyers

Crude Oil Offers in Nigeria With out Scam or Fraid. How, if You are a genuine Crude Oil Vendor, to Find a Purchaser in Today’s Crude Promoting Local weather

Expensive Crude Seller:
Are You, Perhaps, a (Pissed off) Blco, Flco, Crude Oil Vendor or Buyer
As a rule, there’s Only one factor that most buyers of crude oil seek and want most of all: to search out an genuine crude oil seller and deal, and one that’s with out rip-off or fraud involved. However, most sadly, in at the moment’s international crude oil selling business, there are far, far too many Pretend crude oil sellers than real ones!

In actual fact, in light of the above Truth, in the context of the Nigerian, as effectively as the Russian, the Saudi Arabian and other related international crude selling market in the present day, even the comparatively tiny variety of crude sellers who are literally Genuine and Genuine, typically lament that they find it very troublesome to search out crude consumers who would want to do enterprise with them, as these buyers, they are saying, would typically generally view them equally with nice suspicion, and with much scrutiny and lack of trust. Consequently, many crude sellers, gripped with worry and frustration about their prospects of creating well timed sale of their product, usually marvel out loud whether they may ever, ever discover buyers for their crude or ever make a well timed sale.

Alright, if You are a real Crude Oil Seller Severe About Discovering Able and prepared Crude Oil Consumers, and you Need to Ever, Ever, Ever Make a Sale, This is the cruel Truth of What You should Do, and Why!

FIRST, KNOW Today’S PLAIN OIL Trade Fact: There are two fundamental sorts of “sellers” on the planet of worldwide crude oil promoting business immediately – the Pretend sellers, and the Real sellers! The Faux sellers are the ones which can be by much more numerous and prevalent.

So, as a Vendor, THE CENTRAL Question IS: which one of those two Seller varieties are YOU, your self
As an accredited Mandate of a number of major crude patrons situated each within the United States and Europe, I actually can’t rely the number of occasions per week that we obtain at our office emails and even phone calls from someone who claims he/she’s a crude oil “broker” or vendor’s “agent,” “facilitator” or what have you ever, claiming to have 2 million, generally up to four million, barrels of BLCO or FLCO accessible to sell, per thirty days. Usually, this crude is claimed to be already “loaded” in a vessel in worldwide waters prepared for fast transshipment on a TTO association at a discount of $6/three, $8/5, $10/7, $10/four, and many others. and many others. and so forth. and the e-mailer or caller asks that we hurry up and “simply signal the SPA,” “simply signal the Contract.”

These gross sales messages will all the time contain loads of “engaging” phrases like these to explain the supposed Seller or the deal: an “completely genuine and genuine seller,” “positively genuine and dependable,” “trustworthy,” “respectable,” “transparent transaction,” “honest,” and the like. And, more importantly, the message will often be dongying jianxin petroleum equipmentmpany taiwan buttressed with a little sweetener like this: “the beauty of this special supply is that the buyer will not be required to make any fee or provide any monetary instrument until after purchaser has carried out a Q & Q and confirms that the vessel is definitely loaded” – implying that the buyer is at no monetary risk at all if he were to only “sign contract” and enter into this deal. (By the best way, the claim that the truth that a purchaser has a Q & Q before making any payment on a deal, makes the buyer protected and threat-free, is plain bogus and unfaithful. However that is a matter for an additional dialogue).

The picture such as the above-described being painted by these supposed crude sellers, is plain boloney, nevertheless! Pure hogwash!

Why As a result of, as one current report put it, “unfortunately, the clear reality immediately is that the business of worldwide crude sales has turn into heavily infested with crooks and scammers most of whom actually have absolutely nothing to sell apart from peddling some bogus, nugatory documents cast or copied from the Internet, and spitting some fictitious fabulous claims.”

The report adds that “Consultants say that these scammers use many Sellers’ Mandates located all of over the world to carry them business. Mandates working from or for a number of notably notorious nations (resembling Russia and Nigeria, for example), are usually thought of to be individuals within the rip-off themselves, however overseas mandates are deemed to be for essentially the most half often innocent victims who usually may suppose that they’re representing a legit seller from such nations. These worldwide crude oil crooks and fraudsters parade themselves mostly within the Internet as ‘sellers’ in crude oil, but are actually merely scammy dreamers simply out to dupe others hopefully (for them!) massive within the millions and thousands and thousands of dollars.”

Put merely, the reason that such rosy portrait as the one painted above by these supposed crude sellers, is pure hogwash, is because, while just about each single person who involves us as a supposed crude oil vendor daily (we get at the least some 2-3 dozens of them each day) At all times claims that the vendor is “reliable, reliable, real, genuine, sincere,” and words to that impact, virtually each Objective, CREDIBLE Proof available, on the other hand, says that something utterly the opposite of that is the precise Actuality!

Instances in Point:
== A report by the UK-based mostly ACC Intelligence & Analysis group, states at p.Three therein that “99.999999% of what you get [from Nigerian peddlers of crude oil promoting] is worthless fraud.”

== A report titled “NIGERIAN TRANSACTION SCAMS” published by, states that “A fraudulent provide of a contract to purchase Nigerian crude oil typically particulars the availability of a ‘particular allocation’ by the Nigerian Nationwide Petroleum Company (NNPC) of crude at beneath market prices… [However] In reality, ‘particular allocations’ do not exist.”

== The American FBI’s latest report in February 2011 on Web Crime Developments, experiences that “The best numbers of perpetrators outdoors this nation [the U.S.] were from the United Kingdom, Nigeria, and Canada.”

== The events reported in March 19, 2011 on the Ghanaweb web site, “Nigerian Crooks Out to Dupe TOR US$forty eight million,” dongying jianxin petroleum equipmentmpany taiwan makes a similar point.

== And so, additionally, is this report, “Common Web Frauds in Import Export Business. Part IV – Scams from Africa,” reported on the infobanc web site, in the part titled “Nigeria Oil Fraud (Bonny Oil).”

The underside LINE: So we all know for a Fact, that although every single one of the 24 to 36 individuals who presents himself/herself to a certain Crude Purchaser’s Mandate day by day as a supposed crude oil “vendor,” would claim that he (or she) is an “honest, real, authentic and dependable” dealer, with absolutely no streak of fraud or 419 whatsoever in him, the stark Reality is definitely far, far completely different. And that, quite to the opposite, Nearly ALL of such provides and sellers are precisely fraudulent and unreliable 419ers. Or, on the very least, NOT legit or genuine.

So, You’ve got Received to supply Us Concrete Proof & Evidence, Not Mere Claims or Phrases
The point: Clearly, then, Somebody is obviously lying here (and mendacity huge time, too!) when virtually Each single crude vendor, or a consultant of 1, claims that the supply he presents is sincere and official! Consequently, for the events operating within the crude industry as Sellers, or their brokers, brokers or mandates, here’s the underside LINE: as a supposed “vendor,” you may declare all you want that you (i.e. the supposed Seller) are the Honest, Genuine or Authentic one of the lot, and that it is the “others” which can be the “unhealthy” crude oil sellers who perpetrate the fraud and 419 on worldwide crude consumers.

Ok! That is high quality. Go forward and make all the claims on this planet that you please!
However right here, however, is precisely the purpose: in light of the above-said stark Actuality, all method or volume of claims by you (or any one else) however, the onus nonetheless falls heavily however squarely on YOU (the supposed vendor), to truly show that claim to the crude purchaser. The onus still falls closely but squarely on YOU (the seller) to do one factor and Only one factor: namely, to physically “present” the crude purchaser some clear and genuine proof of openness and transparency in your part, some credible, independently verifiable and concrete PROOF and Proof that authenticate your claims about who you say you are, and about your AUTHENTICITY and GENUINENESS as a true crude seller. And never just to present, or proceed to offer, the purchaser the usual, all-too-acquainted “usuals” – mere lofty claims and words, mere long “grammar,” about how incredibly “trustworthy” or “genuine” a seller you supposedly are.

Back to the unique question of this essay: so, as a Authentic crude vendor with truly some oil out there to promote, or an agent or broker of 1, you really want to be able to readily sell your crude, and to have the ability to readily discover credible consumers who are eager and ready to purchase from you

Nicely, there’s actually basically only one very simple however critical thing that you have to do, and Should do, and you’d simply attain that goal in no time. Simply provide (get your Vendor to provide) the purchaser with some good, tangible, readily VERIFIABLE PROOFS and Proof (and never just supply mere claims, phrases and professions about it) about your bona fides as a legitimate crude vendor. And with that executed, you’ll sooner discover that you’d get yourself positive buys from a gentle stream of able and keen crude consumers – almost Assured!

So, there you might have it – that’s our little “secret key” for the way you (the crude seller or his agent) get sales on this trade! That is the simple however never-failing “little secret” for being a profitable crude seller or agent in the present international crude oil and oil product market!!

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