Do you know We Eat Petroleum?

Do you know that the federal government allows oil to be added to foods? Not the vegetable kind of oil, either I’m talking about that oil. The oil that runs your car, lubricates machinery, and gets made into clothes and computers and cars and containers. The identical oil that is made into makeup and lotion and shampoo and occasionally pet food.

Environmental concerns aside, why is anybody adding oil to foods? It’s known by its common name, mineral oil. Evidently, adding mineral oil is a very common practice in processed and prepared foods because drum roll mineral oil doesn’t go rancid like vegetable oil. The rationale mineral oil doesn’t go rancid is because it’s not a food.

The disinformation rumor mill frequently buzzes with conspiracy theories about petroleum products causing cancer, behavior disorders, and all sorts of public health concerns. The talk centers on mineral oil used in skincare products and cosmetics. I’m neither a petroleum researcher nor a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t exactly warm to the considered petroleum being in my food, either. I have no opinion either way in regards to the health of using petroleum-based personal care products. But food? That ain’t right.

If you’re also not a fan of consuming the stuff that comes from a substance used to make bottles, mattresses and other household items that won’t decompose until you-know-where freezes over, then you’ll want to consider avoiding these things or at least check the ingredients panel:

1. Candy

2. Packaged baked goods

3. Mints and breath sprays

4. Laxatives

5. Many snack foods comparable to chips and crackers

6. Any product with Olestra, which is an indigestible plastic much like regular old mineral oil. (Remember anal leakage? This toxic ingredient didn’t go anywhere the FDA simply let food makers drop the warning label. Nice.)

If you’re aware of further oil-in-food research or happen to have a handy resource available, please send it my way. (And here’s what the WHO says. And the FDA. And MS experts.)

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9 Comments on “Do you know We Eat Petroleum?”


It’s not just in junk food…this petrolium stuff comes in numerous names, too. Words that end with benzoite (or near that).
Saw the documentary King Corn where high fructose corn syrup is definitely made with battery acid. Yes, the battery acid that’s in your car battery!
And there are about 20 different words for the neurotoxin MSG…including “Falvor
(Documentary called The beautiful Truth by Steve Kroschel)

Conventional Grocery Stores make me cry.

And what about water huh?? That stuff is so destructive. I mean, look at all the damage Superstorm Sandy did. That water messed up everything. Water also drowns people. It’s deadly stuff indeed! Can you believe they put it in practically everything we eat and drink? Stuff you wouldn’t normally think about it being in like milk, orange juice, and grapes! It’s outrageous!

Yes, because water and oil have the exact same effects on our body…in fact it’s well-known that over 60% of our body is mineral oil…oh wait


Thanks in your informative article on these dangerous foods in our food supply. I certainly am trying to rid our home of them. Thanks again! Sherra

You do know that mineral oil is organic don’t you?

On account of all the additives which might be in our lives I cannot use or eat any thing that has any petroleum products in it. I wash all my fruit and vegies in soap, rinse with apple cider vinegar, this includes Organic and from my own garden, since I do not know what sprays have drifted my way. tube plate automatic weld My life has turned into a daily life threating battle.

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