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Oil And Natural Gas Price Data

GASearch Power Intelligence is your software program support for income accounting, power advertising and marketing, tax support, crude oil bulletins, and litigation points vital for the future of vitality corporations. GASearch provides the knowledge to allow one to compete.

GASearch provides oil and natural gas price data. The databases are vital to industrial customers, marketers, oil and gasoline operators, income verification, litigation assist, traders, and people seeking to find out what the actual price for oil and natural gas on the wellhead or on the pipelines is. GASearch software incorporates historical crude oil posting bulletins, natural gas Henry Hub Nymex costs, oil volumes, and natural gas volumes into its proprietary vitality databases.

Royalty House owners & Working Curiosity Owners
– Is your oil and natural gas royalty comparable with others on the same pipeline or in similar circumstances
– How do you know whether the natural gas production and pricing is precisely allowing for a balancing after a well is depleted
– Can you examine your receipts for a properly against the reported values given to the State of Texas to insure the values are equal

– What operators can deliver the natural gas volumes required at the market or index prices needed
– What operator is selling under the energy markets, and below Nymex futures or spot costs, Henry Hub, Houston Ship Channel or Crude Oil Postings

– How do your wellhead prices for oil and natural gas compare with Nymex futures or spot prices, Henry Hub, Houston Ship Channel or Crude Oil Postings, together with the prices of your competitors

– To assist your position in power litigation, how are you aware what the historic prices and volumes for natural gas and oil have been
– Do you know that the oil and natural gas prices reported to the State of Texas by means of severance tax filings are the same costs being discussed within the energy litigation

Investment Bankers & Traders
– Would you want to look crude oil weight chart crude oil weight chart at the specific oil and natural gas production, lease by lease, which is the premise for an vitality company’s annual report
– Would you like to take a look at how the corporate’s receipts for natural gas and oil compare to its competitors, or to the Nymex, Crude Bulletins, or Houston Ship Channel
– Before investing in a drilling program, are the projected oil and natural gas pricing scenarios per the precise local pricing

Utilities & Trade
– The place are the oil & fuel operators who can deliver the natural gas volumes and prices you want to provide your service area with the bottom and most reliable natural gas prices

Advert Valorem Tax and Severance Tax
– Do it is advisable verify your severance taxes and advert valorem taxes for accuracy
– Do you need assist production revenues and manufacturing values for tax appraisals

Crude Oil Bulletins / Crude Oil Postings
– Do you must confirm crude oil bulletins for each present oil prices, in addition to historical crude costs
– GASearch maintains a library of crude oil bulletins for over 100 totally different crude oil purchasers courting back to the 1950s.

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