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Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

NNPC fully means Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. It’s a crude oil futures closing prices public company founded in 1977 with its main office at Abuja, Nigeria. The foremost products it deals in are petroleum, gas and petrochemicals. It is a national oil company owned and managed by crude oil futures closing prices the federal government. It is through this corporation that the national government runs and takes part within the petroleum industry of Nigeria.

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Persons who want to purchase crude from Nigeria can achieve this through the NNPC. It is the end seller of crude oil in Nigeria. There are also people referred to as fiduciary agents, operators and allottee. These set of persons find crude oil buyers for NNPC. The grades of crude oil you should purchase from NNPC are bonny light crude oil, forcados, qua iboe, etc. Most of those grades of crude has their terminals. Each of these crude has their respective specifications and as such they should be transferred via pipeline from their origin to their specific terminals. It is from these terminals that they’re sold out.

If you are conversant with the terms of NNPC, you will agree with me that it does not sell its oil through any crude oil futures closing prices agent. This is essential so you’ll avoid fraud from persons who pose to be sellers of crude in Nigeria. One of the best ways based on my experience to purchase crude from NNPC is to do so through its allotee. Oil allocation is given to NNPC allotees. You’ll be able to ask them to offer with it as a proof that they have an allocation with the main seller before you proceed forward to deal with them.