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Monica Daschner, An invaluable Professional Asset

So much is alleged about the facility of professionalism. Monica Daschner epitomizes the word professional, always taking care to be efficient, respectful and responsible, no matter the atmosphere. Monica Daschner provides companies a wonderful office professional with unmatched communication and organizational skills.

Often tumultuous and overwhelming, an office environment can test even probably the most patient of individuals. Monica Daschner chemical manufacturing companies has discovered and developed the skills needed to turn office tumult into office success. Monica is recognized by her peers to be consistently courteous, communicative and effective, and to always provide the very chemical manufacturing companies best service possible. Monica Daschner’s attention to detail and ability to maintain things organized go a great distance towards a company’s success.

Monica Daschner is now channeling her professional office skills into a full-time career in the oil-and-gas industry. Monica is now en route to earning her professional Petroleum Production Accounting certification at Mount Royal University in Alberta, Canada. This CAPPA, or Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accountants, certification will open many doors for her within the industry. It is going to allow Monica Daschner to gain a firm grasp of the accounting and finance involved with the petroleum industry.

Monica Daschner has worked within the oil-and-gas field since 2012. She has shown outstanding professionalism and promise in the industry, which has led her to the pursuit of a CAPPA certification. Her previous civil engineering education at Calgary University provided Monica Daschner a solid foothold in the petroleum community. This promises only to strengthen with the completion of her certification in April of 2014.

Monica Daschner has always been noted for her honesty, integrity and professional calm. Employers and peers alike recognize Monica for being a real professional who always goes that extra step. Her ability to handle the pressures and personalities of a high-energy office environment is what makes Monica Daschner such an irreplaceable asset to any business.

A fully-functioning office requires a full-functioning professional. Monica Daschner has shown time and again the force she may be in knowledgeable business community. Friendly, fast and efficient, Monica Daschner has never hesitated to tackle a problem directly, or to help out a coworker.

Monica Daschner is also known for her contributions to the community. As a participant in the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project, Monica Daschner has devoted time and effort to the maintenance and reconstruction of parks in her area. Monica’s approach to her community and her company place her high amongst her professional peers and colleagues.