APC Valves Unveiled NRS Gate Valve For Plants And Professionals Needing Auxiliary Valves

Anhui, China – APC Valves, a top manufacturer and supplier of gate valves and other sorts of valves for the petroleum industry and water treatment plants, recently launched a wide range of NRS gate valves. The NRS gate valve stands for non-rising stem valve, a type of valve which is generally used underground. The owners said that their NRS gate valve products meet the international standards and specifications, hence are an excellent fit for industrial usage. While explaining the features of the NRS gate valves, an executive of APC valve said that their UL and FM series non-rising stem valves come with PIV, AWWA-style stuffing box, external OS height:315;”> The executive also told the press that the rapid increase in demand for valves the world over forced them to launch their latest collection of NRS valves. He said that the management hopes to see a steep increase in demand for NRS valves and all sorts of valves in the coming days. “Our primary commitment is to offer our buyers the most sophisticated gate valves which might be compliant with international specifications and standards akin to ASTM, BS, API, EN, DIN and all other specifications. Our immediate goal is to extend the domestic sales volume in addition to export volume of our valves, which include NRS valves, post indicator valves, fire protection valves, UL and FM approved butterfly valves and grooved butterfly valves he said during a press conference. At the recent press conference, the executive also said that they now want to take a position more in research and development so as to supply really international-quality products. However, he also indicated that prices of valves can be kept at a competitive level to satisfy the demands of domestic buyers. About the company APC Valves is a top manufacturer and supplier of valves. For more information, visit http://www.apcvalves.com/

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