Advantages Of Using Self Bunded Tanks

The character the character of your business requires large volumes of fuel or other petrochemical liquids to be available on site, then using a self bunded tank is the storage solution you need. To define it simply, a self bunded tank is a tank within a tank. It has double steel walls that enables for effective and safe storage of fuel and other liquids.

A self bunded tank is straightforward to relocate and can be used even in remote locations. It can also be manufactured in keeping with the particular requirements of what you are promoting and comes complete with fuel dispensing and management systems.

There are numerous other advantages of getting a self bunded tank in your enterprise location. The advantages are discussed below that will help you decide if a self bunded tank is the storage solution you need.


A self bunded tank can be used to store fuel and other liquids and is suitable for petroleum, petrochemical and chemical applications. A self bunded tank can also be used to store biodiesel, oil and waste oil. It’s also easily relocated and installed to your small business site. Installation is simple and direct and extra equipment may also be fitted in accordance with your requirements.


A self bunded tank is built tough. Its double steel walls prevent leaks and spillage of the liquids contained. If the liquid leaks through the primary wall, there is still the second wall to prevent the liquid from spilling through and contaminating the whole area. However, spillage through the primary wall, which is also called the bund wall, is highly unlikely as it’s a strong structure designed to forestall any leak or deluge of the liquids stored. The durability and strength of a self bunded tank is something you may rely on for years to come.

Cost Effective

A self bunded tank is ready to store large amounts of liquids. Their capacity typically ranges from 1,000 litres to 150,000 litres. Once you store this amount of fuel on site, your employees will not have to go away the premises to have vehicles or machineries refuelled. This cuts the time and resources they need to spend travelling to and from refuelling stations. Its easy installation also minimises related costs and time spent to have it set-up.

Big selection

There are several kinds of self bunded tanks. Two that are gaining popularity among business owners are the Self Bunded Wraptank and the Self Bunded Container Wraptank. The Self Bunded Wraptank is the more traditional, round-shaped self bunded tank. It comes with standard tank fittings but can also be manufactured for specific customer requirements.

The Self Bunded Container Wraptank is an innovatively designed round-shaped self bunded tank that’s contained in a rectangular frame. The sort of tank is totally self supporting with no requirement for internal baffles, making it safe for any internal access. The underside of the tank is also visible from the rectangular base so the tank doesn’t need to be lifted for periodic inspection.

The durability, versatility and price-effectiveness of having a self bunded tank at your online business location is undeniable. For those who run the kind of business that demands constant fuel for vehicles and machineries or should you simply need a reliable storage system, the self bunded tank is the solution you need.

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