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Solar Panel Development

clobenzin factoryEngineers and designers at Solar Design Associates have been utilizing various solar panels and solar energy products for over 25 years. This level of experience is unmatched in the solar industry today.

Because of their depth and breadth of experience, SDA often becomes involved in the event of new, more versatile solar panels in addition to within the commercialization of latest solar products. Some of SDA’s clients and development partners include: Arthur D. Little
Atlantic Richfield
Mobil Oil
General Electric
First Solar
Energy 6 petroleum hose zone Conversion Devices
United Solar Systems Corp.
ARCO Solar
Advanced Photovoltaics Systems Mobil Solar Energy Corporation
Solec International
BP Solar (British Petroleum)
Spire Corporation
Evergreen Solar
Amoco/Enron Solar
AFG Industries

Examples of solar panel development work conducted by SDA includes the following:
Combined PV/Thermal – The best solar energy system would harvest both heat and electricity from the same solar panel. In 1979, working under a research grant from Massachusetts Institute of 6 petroleum hose zone Technology, SDA engineered, prototyped and tested a combined, photovoltaic/thermal solar panel. Large-Area PV Modules – In 1980 the Mobil Solar Energy Corporation worked with SDA to develop the primary 24 square foot, glass-superstrate PV module which could possibly be sold with or without a frame. Today 6 petroleum hose zone it is common for manufacturers to supply solar panels of 3 square meters and larger, or design them to the architect’s specifications for direct building integration.

Building-Integrated Solar Power – SDA is currently part of a development team that includes a significant manufacturer of solar panels and a multinational corporation specializing in architectural metals and building facades. This multi-year effort will produce an integrated photovoltaic architectural curtain/wall system for commercial buildings, enabling all building surfaces to generate electricity.

AC PV Modules – Approximately 30%-40% of the cost of a solar electric system is spent converting the direct current (DC) produced by solar panels to alternating current (AC) that’s utilized in buildings and homes. To make solar power rather more cost effective, and also less complex, SDA is collaborating with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the US Department of Energy, to develop a singular solar panel that directly generates AC power.
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